Representativeness | Quality and Reliability | Consistency | Validity

 Partnership | Responsiveness and Delivery | Competitive Cost

Why Choose QOR ?

  • Representativeness
    • QOR Panel is matched and constantly compared to ABS Census Questions for weighting purposes
    • Sampling is always Census stratified
  • Quality and Reliability
    • Our sampling methods are research specific, designed to reduce bias and provide the best possible results
    • Open discussion of panel recruiting methodology
  • Consistency
    • Single supplier for panel recruiting
    • QOR panel has been tested and evaluated by the Grand Mean Sample Source Auditors
  • Validity
    • Extensive validation checks over and above industry standards
    • Weighting by more than general demographics to achieve even higher quality
  • Partnership
    • We get to know and care about your business
    • We understand research through years of experience
  • Responsiveness and Delivery
    • On time, every time...
    • We respond to all communications in an effective, timely manner – You will never be left waiting around
  • Competitive Cost
    • Test us... Contact us for a quote with your next project...
    • Our product can compete side by side with any panel provider on quality + cost

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