The key to a good online panel is to be able to represent the population or any specific target groups the client wishes to survey.

Here at QOR we have built and are continuing to build the highest quality consumer and business online panels for research purposes only. Our aim is to provide sample of the highest quality for your projects at the best possible price.


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    QOR can provide the highest quality data for your surveys. We have both a consumer and a business panel both growing at a rapid rate.

    We can provide you with sample for the surveys you have programmed and hosted online yourselves or through one of your suppliers. We have developed the simplest possible tools that can work with any survey programming software to make transition to our panels or top up from our panels as simple as possible.

    We believe in full transparency when it comes to the sample you rely on to draw your conclusions.

    We will manage sample design, invitation broadcasts, reminder emails, incentives and survey helpdesk based on your instructions and while sharing your interest in delivering data of high quality and on schedule.

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    Survey Programming

    QOR can provide you with survey programming and hosting of your questionnaire through our partners. Take advantage of our quantity buying power and relationship to get the latest technology survey hosting solutions at very competitive prices. Simply give us your questionnaire and we will take care of the rest.

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    Data Processing

    QOR can provide you the final data in any format you choose (SPSS, SAS, ASCII, Excel...) but you can also use QOR to do the weighting, coding and/or tables if you don’t have the facilities or time. Just ask us for a quote...


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