The key to a good online panel is to be able to represent the population or any specific target groups the client wishes to survey.

Here at QOR we have built and are continuing to build the highest quality consumer and business online panels for research purposes only. Our aim is to provide sample of the highest quality for your projects at the best possible price.

QOR Panels

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    Small Business and Consumer Panels


    The QOR Consumer Panel and the QOR Business Panel are still growing at a rapid rate.


    Here are some key features of our panels:

    Recruited primarily from offline sources to best represent Australian population and Australian Business distribution.

    No affiliate networks or amalgamators used in our recruiting processes.

    Registration to our panels is by invitation only to minimise fraudulent and professional respondents.

    Professional and fraudulent respondents are removed and excluded from our panels on a regular and ongoing basis to deliver results you can trust.

    The QOR Consumer Panel is profiled on more than just demographics. The consumer panel is profiled on social attributes as well as tagged with life stage segmentation to ensure a well balanced and representative sample source.

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    Specialty/Custom panels


    QOR can provide solutions to you or your clients for developing, maintaining and managing your own custom panel. Ever considered that a client's customer database can become a very powerful and cost effective tool for your client's surveys? Contact us to discuss a range of possible solutions...

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    Does size matter?


    We think it does but not at the expense of quality, transparency and cost. This is why we are currently growing our membership numbers aggressively from trusted sources and we will keep on doing.


    QOR have a depth of third party sample available with a few very carefully selected suppliers. We have long standing relationships that have been built on trust and experience. We are completely transparent about the use of third parties and guarantee quality based on our relationships and proper management of the sample.


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