The key to a good online panel is to be able to represent the population or any specific target groups the client wishes to survey.

Here at QOR we have built and are continuing to build the highest quality consumer and business online panels for research purposes only. Our aim is to provide sample of the highest quality for your projects at the best possible price.

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    QOR accredited with ISO 20252 and ISO 26362

    10 April, 2014


    We would like to announce that QOR has been accredited with:


     • ISO 20252:2012

     • ISO 26362:2009


     This level of accreditation is important for QOR as it reinforces our position as a premium quality access panel supplier in the Australian market.

    We believe that these standards are important in the market place as they provide a straight forward and substantial differentiation between access panel providers.

    Our accreditation is a confirmation that our panels, our processes and our deliverables are indeed of the highest quality and result in confidence in the data we provide to all our clients.




    Dimitrios Casdas

    General Manager


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