The key to a good online panel is to be able to represent the population or any specific target groups the client wishes to survey.

Here at QOR we have built and are continuing to build the highest quality consumer and business online panels for research purposes only. Our aim is to provide sample of the highest quality for your projects at the best possible price.

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    QOR Business Panel launched

    22 August, 2010


    QOR has launched its own Small Business Panel. The QOR small business panel is a dedicated panel for small business related research only and not a subset of our consumer panel.

    Although it is quite small in size at the moment at just over 2,000 members, we expect a rapid growth in the next few months.

    Our Small Business Panel is recruited with the same strict quality guidelines we have set in our Consumer panel. We recruit by invitation only, from pre-screened sources and profiled extensively to make sure we have the best representation of the small business landscape in Australia.

    We are looking forward to reaching and surpassing 10,000 members in a few short months.


    Dimitrios Casdas

    General Manager



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